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rules and such
We've all received banners for icontests that have been...less than stellar. Sometimes banner-makers are rushed. Sometimes banner-makers don't have enough resources. Sometimes, let's face it, banner-makers lack talent. Here at redobanners , you can submit a request to have your banner redone in a more pleasing style.
Sometimes the maintainer makes utility posts that aren't meant for the public, however, there's no way to make community posts private. So this comm is closed to new members to allow the maintainer to make utility posts f-locked and no one will see them. Also, since the bannermakers are the only ones who posts here, there's no real need for others to become members.

That said, you are encouraged to "watch" or friend the community if you so desire.
custom_banners :: the parent community, from which all banner-making goodness flows.
cb_overflow :: for banner-making needs not permitted by custom_banners.
.x. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some things are truly ugly. Don't submit a request if the bannermaker spelled your name wrong or didn't match your texture exactly. Go ahead and ask the original bannermaker to fix small mistakes; generally people are good about that.

.x. There is absolutely no need to point out to people that their banners are being redone. I understand that while I'd like to preserve anonymity, if the new banners are going to be displayed, it will be obvious that they're not the original banners. Still, nobody likes to have his or her face shoved in it.

.x. Do not request banners here just because you're tired of waiting for your community to make you one. Seriously. I would love to make banners for all of LJ, but I just don't have the time.

.x. If I make mistakes on your banner, please tell me. Sometimes my reading comprehension skills plummet for no particular reason. I blame my doggie.

.x. Back to that pesky time thing. Many things cry out for my attention, especially work. Please allow up to fourteen days for me to fill your request. After that, comment to remind me. If I don't respond, assume the pile of papers that need grading has attacked and grievously wounded me, or possibly eaten my soul.

NOTE: I'm a schoolteacher. So my schedule frees up around Massachusetts public school holidays. Additionally, my seniors graduate in mid-May (*SADFACE*), so I'll gain tons of time then. Expect my responses to wax and wane accordingly.

.x. Although I still hate ImageReady with the passion of a thousand fiery Flame Purges, I'll break my brain (and keyboard) to do simple animations. Anything more than a few frames, expecially mini-movies, is not going to happen. However, I'll be happy to do your banner with a still frame and you can plug the icon in yourself.

.x. I reserve the right to refuse to do banners for no particular reason. There are some communities for whom I won't make banners for personal reasons. I'll let you know if that's the case, and you should then request at cb_overflow .

COMMUNITIES I WON'T DO BANNERS FOR (subject to frequent changes):
  • senshi_awards
  • mog_awards
  • anime_abc
.x. You don't have to credit me, although I won't object if you do. If someone says, "damn, that banner is full of awesome!" then I'd appreciate if you directed them to this site, of course.
.x. Each month, I will make a screened post. Please comment to that post with the following information.

If you don't supply all the info, I won't make your banner.

Seriously, if you don't give me original pics or exact resources or SOMETHING with which to match your banner to your icon, I'm just not going to do it. Not to be bitchy, but because I really hate hunting all over the place for resources and it takes time away from other things I have to do. And the whole point of this comm is to make your banner match your icon, which the original bannermaker presumably didn't do.

NB: I'm primarily in anime/game fandoms, but that doesn't mean this is a comm only for anime/game icons. I can do real people banners, too.

  • icon: (use the actual image)
  • series/character: (and, if possible, a link to your original image to prevent me from having to hunt all over Google)
  • original banner: (use the actual image)
  • font used: (if applicable - necessary if you want your font to match exactly, otherwise it's up to my discretion)
  • resource credits: (please link to particular brushes and especially textures you used - not just the makers, but the actual resources. Post them if that's easier.)
  • style: (standard 300x100 or tab 100x250)
Here's all that in a handy little cut & paste format:
<b>series/character:</b> (<a href="">LINK</a>)
<b>original banner:</b> 
<b>font used:</b> 
<b>resource credits:</b> 

.x. I will respond to your comment with a link to your banner. This is so you don't have to bother with comment notification and I don't have to bother with email addresses. Banners will be hosted on ImageShack for ever and ever until the internets implode.

.x. It would be lovely if you then replied to say you picked up the banner, but since I'm not hosting them, it's not mandatory. But please let me know if I've made any mistakes that need correcting.

.x. If you still hate it after I've redone it, I'm sorry. They revoked my magic wand after I tossed the Headmaster off a tower balcony (but it won't matter because the hero dies on page 206 - SPOILER).

I started this community after folks told me that my banners were coveted items. I am truly pleased and a little embarrassed by that. There are gazillions of people far more talented than I am, and my banners are only as amazing as the original icons I worked with.

gunshou examples (tab-style)

gunshou examples (standard-style)


The lovely moonwitch has agreed to help out when her schedule allows. She has temporarily stepped down in the face of five impending papers. I would never be that cruel as a Uni professor.

moonwitch examples (standard-style)

Feel free to browse the comments of previous posts for more examples.
If you lost your banner and can't be arsed to comb back through the comments, I don't blame you. Look here. WARNING: obviously, not dial-up friendly.
All of gunshou's resources can be found here. The FlexiSquares layout is originally coded by minty-peach, and edited by gunshou. The icon in the header was made by gunshou.
gunshou is a high school English teacher who enjoys icon-making for the fun of it. She is an official bannermaker for ff_eye_candy , ff_seasonal , rpg_icontest , and custom_banners .

She can be reached by email at gunshou [at] livejournal [dot] com.
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