calamity from the skies (gunshou) wrote in redobanners,
calamity from the skies

Request Post

STILL OPEN as of JUNE 2010

In an effort to reboot, I'm starting from scratch. If you have made a previous request and I never completed it, please accept my thousand apologies. Feel free to resubmit the request to this post.

Welcome to redobanners!

Please review the rules before commenting.

To get a redone banner, please comment to this screened post with the following information. If any of this information is missing, it will delay your banner, possibly forever.
icon: (use the actual image)
series/character: (and, if possible, a link to your original image to prevent me from having to hunt all over Google)
original banner: (use the actual image)
font used: (if applicable - necessary if you want your font to match exactly, otherwise it's up to my discretion)
resource credits: (please link me to particular brushes and especially textures you used - not just the makers, but the actual resources. Post them if that's easier.)
style: (standard 300x100 or tab 100x250)

Here is all that in handy cut & paste format:
<b>series/character:</b> (<a href="">AND LINK TO ORIGINAL IMAGE</a>)
<b>original banner:</b> 
<b>font used:</b> 
<b>resource credits:</b> 

I will respond to your comment with a link to your banner, sometime before you forget that you requested it. Maybe. *^.^*

Thanks for your patronage!
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