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02 January 2009 @ 04:03 pm
STILL OPEN as of JUNE 2010

In an effort to reboot, I'm starting from scratch. If you have made a previous request and I never completed it, please accept my thousand apologies. Feel free to resubmit the request to this post.

Welcome to redobanners!

Please review the rules before commenting.

To get a redone banner, please comment to this screened post with the following information. If any of this information is missing, it will delay your banner, possibly forever.
icon: (use the actual image)
series/character: (and, if possible, a link to your original image to prevent me from having to hunt all over Google)
original banner: (use the actual image)
font used: (if applicable - necessary if you want your font to match exactly, otherwise it's up to my discretion)
resource credits: (please link me to particular brushes and especially textures you used - not just the makers, but the actual resources. Post them if that's easier.)
style: (standard 300x100 or tab 100x250)

Here is all that in handy cut & paste format:
<b>series/character:</b> (<a href="">AND LINK TO ORIGINAL IMAGE</a>)
<b>original banner:</b> 
<b>font used:</b> 
<b>resource credits:</b> 

I will respond to your comment with a link to your banner, sometime before you forget that you requested it. Maybe. *^.^*

Thanks for your patronage!